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Block Printing Workshop, Block Printing Classes

As the name suggests, the printing done by the block is called block printing. This printing can be done on any surface of paper and fabric, but the method of doing it may change. Block printing is the process of printing patterns by means of engraved wooden blocks. In the early days of printing, it was used to print entire books. Today the process of block printing is popularly associated with making designs on fabrics by printing on them, with the help of a block made for that purpose. These days, almost everything we buy is mass-produced and machine-made. It is difficult to imagine the days when clothes were sewn by hand and clothes were printed, but India is committed to keeping the centuries-old tradition of block printing alive.

Age Group Above 12 Years
Duration 2 Sessions
Work Type Designs with Block
Time Campus : 2 hrs
Online: 1 hour
Material Campus : Included
Onine : Not Included
Workshop Fee Campus : 2000/-
Online : 1500/-

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