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Art of Waste Material Workshop

Art of Waste Material Workshop, Art of Waste Material Classes

Reusing waste materials is a fantastic way to cut down on your art and craft supply budget and It's also a wonderful way to save the environment by reusing waste items that may end up in a landfill. With a little bit of creativity and the ability to see the waste objects and what we can make from them instead of what they are, crafting with recycled materials can be a cost-effective, rewarding experience that has the potential to yield unexpected results. Waste material in the house or office such as glass and plastic bottles, papers, boxes, machinery, etc., any small and big waste material can be used for creative work and a fabulous reusable handmade art piece can be made and can be decorated at your place.

Age Group Above 12 Years
Duration 3 Sessions
Work Type Use Waste Material
Time Campus : 2 hrs
Online: 1 hour
Material Not Included
Workshop Fee Campus : 1800/-
Online : 1500/-

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