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Acrylic Painting Workshop

Acrylic Painting Workshop, Acrylic Painting Classes

Acrylic paint is a fast medium. Acrylic painting is generally non-transparent. It can be diluted with water but becomes waterproof when dry. Basically, acrylic painting is on the boom nowadays and artists use these paints to make abstract paintings and modern art. People complete their paintings fast and feel satisfied with them. Texture work can be also seen with very good results even the use of a knife in this type of medium shows wonderful results. In this Acrylic Painting Workshop, people will be able to know about the material and basic knowledge, as well as work on landscape, figurative and nature painting.

Age Group Above 12 Years
Duration 5 Sessions
Work Type Figurative / Nature Work
Time Campus : 2 hrs
Online: 1 hour
Material Campus : Included
Onine : Not Included
Workshop Fee Campus : 5000/-
Online : 3000/-

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